To improve your chances of securing your dream budget, you ought to start thinking of yourself as a marketer and working to develop the corresponding skill set and vocabulary. Phrases like ROI (return on investment) and ROWC (return on working capital) should be second nature to you as you wade through the complex task of acquiring funds. You must get comfortable conveying your business’s utility in a way that attracts potential investors.

Financial Analysis & Market Research

Among the services we offer is financial analysis and market research. Market research is the focused study of different marketing strategies and the effects they have on different segments of the population.

A market researcher may decide to populate a focus group with people of a particular demographic and then ask them questions about their responses to different products or advertisements. The market researcher then uses this feedback to shape future marketing campaigns, or even change the product itself.

One of the most important demographic distinctions our market researchers make concerns wealth and pricing. People with different amounts of money favor products in different price ranges, and so setting your price to target the investors or customers you’re looking for is absolutely essential.

The whole point of market research is to construct a detailed marketing plan, which is itself a tool to attract investors.

ICO Whitepaper Writing

An ICO white paper is an all-inclusive document where you describe the type of business you want to start, your target market, and the tactics you plan to use. The white paper can be likened to the form S1 that companies that want to be listed publicly submit to the SEC.

A great white paper highlights the gap in the market or the problem your team intends to solve, demonstrating deep insight into the market and giving you an opportunity to talk about past successes.

At ICO-Consultant, we will help you write and revise the perfect white paper. We will also provide you with links to a service page anchor. Additionally, we regularly issue white papers and legal advice concerning cryptocurrency and securities regulation in the U.S.

We’ll also help you draft professional prospectuses and information memoranda for token offerings and provide skillfully drafted private placement documents.

Here are the key components of a compelling white paper along with notes on what you ought to do in each section:

  • The Abstract: summarize the project
  • The Problem: describe the problem you’re trying to solve
  • The Solution: describe your solution to the problem
  • The Roadmap: explain how your business will develop over time
  • Funds Estimate: list your expenses and estimate how much money you need
  • Market Analysis: demonstrate your knowledge of the market and highlight the utility of your idea
  • Go-to-Market Strategy: explain how you’re going to get your idea on the market
  • Team Summary: describe your team members, their experiences, and their roles

The success of an ICO is dependent on many factors, including but not limited to excellent white paper services. ICO-Consultant can help make sure your white paper gets noticed.

ICO Marketing Services

ICO-Consultant also offers ICO marketing services, including: 

  • Digital Analysis – We do research based on SEO, keywords, and the competitive landscape.
  • Website Design- We offer exceptional development and optimization of your website.
  • Content Creation- We create eye-catching and consumer-friendly content.
  • Service Page Anchors- We’ll link you to the best page anchors.

Our team at ICO-Consultant is always on standby to offer observations regarding new projects and help determine the most effective marketing strategy. The observation contributes to outstanding results in fundraising efforts and traffic generation. Our team can also help develop content to leverage any social media, website, and P.R. opportunities you may have.

After creating a good ICO white paper and ICO website, it’s time to market it. The best means of marketing an ICO is through search engine optimization. We recommend that you get the services of a good ICO consulting service for the most up-to-date marketing strategies.

These are a few ICO marketing tactics we’ve had success with: 

  • Guest posting –The company drafts guest posts on websites with high traffic.
  • Content marketing – Reach out to your target audience through informative or entertaining content.
  • Sponsored content – Develop sponsored content on websites with high traffic.
  • Sponsored ads – Place ads on websites with high traffic. 

ICO Attorney & Legal Advisory

As experts, our attorneys can help you prepare and review all the required documents to ensure compliance with all relevant rules and regulations. The following are some of the documents that our attorneys can assist you with: 

  • Tax and Regulation Documents 
  • Articles of Association
  • Legal Disclaimer Clause 
  • Business Structure 
  • White Paper
  • Employment and Services
  • Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy 
  • Token Sales Agreements

We always give our ICO clients excellent strategic and advisory services in addition to document review. We also provide you with the guidance you require regarding the legality of sales and marketing materials and save you from distributing misleading or inaccurate communications.

ICO-Consultant is entirely aware of the rapid advancement of FinTech (financial technology) in a variety of industries and the importance of having an ICO attorney. 

Our attorneys understand the importance of hosting ICOs, from implementing blockchain or distributed ledger technology to simplifying fundraising methods. It is, however, becoming a challenge for many companies to satisfy the legalities of hosting ICOs in the U.S. due to the increased involvement of federal agencies like the SEC in overseeing the crypto market. PLLC offers legal guidance for entities that intend to host ICOs and those with prevailing ICO in the capital markets. also has a brilliant group of experts and ICO attorneys with wide-ranging legal experience handling traditional capital markets, including brokerages, corporate governance, foreign exchange, and cases involving the Dodd- Frank Act. 

Furthermore, our professionals have many years of successful experience with FinTech cases concerning e-commerce and the creation of payment systems for both international and domestic entities. Our know-how in conventional areas of practice combined with our expertise in law pertinent to ICO services helps our clients conquer any potential legal hurdles. 

ICO Launch & Company Registration

Our consulting company can help you launch an ICO by providing the following services: 

  • Entity incorporation, location, and structure
  • Creation of shareholder agreements
  • Advice on employment and management contracts
  • Corporate development, including mergers and acquisitions opportunities
  • Drafting of vendor contracts and negotiation
  • Jurisdictional analysis


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