What Is a White Paper, and Why Is It Important?

A white paper is an extensively researched report on a specific subject that provides a solution to a challenge within a given industry. A company normally writes a white paper to demonstrate its expertise and skills through detailed evidence. It doesn’t advertise or endorse the products of a company, but outlines the need for a solution to a particular problem.

Why Does a Company Need White Paper?

A white paper depicts a company’s authority and know-how concerning its respective industry. It has the purpose of persuading readers through a comprehensive analysis of information and evidence concerning the best specific solution to a problem. It also illustrates that the company or writer in charge of the white paper is a reliable expert in the field.

A white paper doesn’t specifically mention, endorse, or advertise a product or service, but the expertise level exhibited can undoubtedly positively affect a company’s reputation. 

White Paper Usage

NGOs, governmental agencies, think tanks, financial institutions, and consultancies routinely produce white papers. These institutions use white papers to present findings related to their continuing research in a concise format.

White papers have gained popularity over time, thanks to the growth and development of content marketing. Nearly all organizations currently engaged in content marketing can benefit from producing a white paper.

Benefits of White Papers in a Content Marketing Strategy

White papers comes with several benefits. They can:

Build Trust with Your Target Audience
A white paper aids in building trust with your target audience through its ability to convince the readers that you’re experienced, reliable, and highly skilled in the given field. When you provide your potential customers with a high-quality white paper that gives them an understanding of a problem facing them, they’ll keep turning to you at every given opportunity. 

Boost Sales
Building your reputation as an authority can help boost sales. Almost 50% of the Eccolo Media and B2B Technology Content Survey respondents confirmed that they read a white paper before making any purchase decisions. Buyers like buying from vendors they trust and perceive as experts in their field.

Generate Leads
White papers are also very powerful in the generation of leads. The Content Preferences Survey powered by DemandGen confirmed that more than 75 percent of survey respondents were more eager to exchange their personal information for a white paper over case studies, eBooks, podcasts, infographics, or analyst reports.   

It is always wise to write a persuasive brochure at the end of a white paper in addition to a brief description of your company. This will help people understand more about your company and allow you to display your credentials and proficiency in your specialization. 


Considering all the above benefits, using white papers in your content marketing strategy can lead to excellent results. A white paper contains educational content and direct marketing material wrapped up as a long magazine article and corporate brochure. It, therefore, has a high conversion rate. The blend of learning preceding persuasion ranks white papers among the most powerful marketing tools available.

Publishing your original research, ideas, and thoughts in a white paper also elevates your brand and helps you gain a competitive edge as a specialist in the subject.

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